CERN httpd 3.0 Guide for Prereleases

CERN WWW Server [httpd, HyperText Transfer Protocol Daemon] is a generic, full featured server for serving files using the HTTP protocol. This is a TCP/IP based protocol running by convention on port 80.

Files can be real or synthesized, produced by scripts generating virtual documents. It handle clickable images, fill-out forms, and searches etc.

CERN httpd can also be run as a proxy server to allow people behind firewalls to use the Web as if the firewall was not present. A powerful feature is caching performed by the proxy, which makes cern_httpd as proxy attract even those not inside a firewall.

In This Guide...

The steps necessary to install CERN server.
How to set up document protection, index search, clickable images, server-side scripts, ...

Ari Luotonen - May 1994 -